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Mage Tower Alpha 0.1.1 released!

Not a ton of new features in this release, but more bug and UI fixes than what could fit into a bag of holding. Some of the highlights include:

0.1.1 Changes


  • Bugfix: Can now build on upper levels
  • Bugfix: Mages can't get stuck in walls (or at least, one major case was fixed)
  • Bugfix: When mages run into walls, they realize the error of their ways and figure out where to go
  • Bugfix: Mages will now find the shortest route
  • Bugfix: Mages don't try to build something unless it has supporting structure
  • Bugfixes: A bunch of other tiny things along the way
  • UI: When using the menus or pressing [Escape], the current tool resets
  • UI: Added buttons for movement and rotation (zoom controls...just ignore those)
  • UI: When no tool is selected, the world can be dragged around
  • UI: You can now build on top of blocks that don't yet exist, queueing your building plans.
  • Backend: Added rigorous automatic testing to better handle bugs


We have quite a list of future fixes in the current version, but we think it's stable enough now that we can add another feature or two to add more gameplay. Go download or play the demo, and make sure to give us feedback!

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