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Announcing: Mage Tower!

After months of development on the prototype, we're excited to reveal what Codename: Jenga really is!

Take the depth of Dwarf Fortress, add a bunch of lazy mages, and update the interface to modern standards? That's Mage Tower in a nutshell. We're starting small and building it bigger and bigger, and you'll be able to play it the entire time!

Many companies nowadays allow users to buy early versions of a game during alpha or beta. Soon, Mage Tower will be following that path, allowing you to pre-purchase the game and play it immediately, rather than wait until it's complete. For now, a demo is available.

There's a LOT we want to add to the game, but we're a small team, so it will take a while to get through the list. For now, here's what you can look forward to:


  • Mages with character! Their own interests, knowledge, and traits
  • Villages, dungeons, dragons, and mines!
  • Magic! Enchantments, golems, mind tricks, and explosions
  • Collossal towers floating in the sky
  • Powerful magic that carries risk as well as reward...


We're building something really ambitious - a world that you can build to your own whim, while carefully balancing resources, knowledge, and external threats.

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