Dive into this rhythm-based rail shooter and track down an artificial being born in an isolated network. As the music drives you, you will drive the music. Feel the pulse as every action is represented through rhythm, visuals, and rumble feedback. Straddle the analog and digital worlds to prevent the artificial life-form from gaining control.

Released: April 2010 on Xbox LIVE Indie Games

Team: Daniel Frandsen, Jesse Thompson, Gordon van Gent

Platform: Microsoft Xbox LIVE Indie Games, Microsoft XNA, C#

History: This started as an individual project to make a game similar to Rez, a rhythm-based rail shooter game. It was developed as my undergraduate Honors Thesis at Western Michigan University over the course of Summer 2008, Fall 2008, and Spring 2009. After graduation, I spent most of the development time polishing and adding production value to the game. Although I’ve finished other projects, this is the largest, most complex, and first project available for purchase. I’ve learned a great deal about presentation, user experience, feedback to the user, and many other things that don’t normally cross your mind when you think about making a game.


Early Gameplay Video

Tutorial Video

First Development Footage