All Your Creeps

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Defend the homeland against the capitalist Swine, or siege the Comrade headquarters to prevent their victory on earth and in space.  Play with up to 4 players in this fast-paced tower defense game.



Release Date: June 2011 on Xbox LIVE Indie Games

Team: Daniel Frandsen, Jesse Thompson, Aaron Brandt

Platform: Microsoft Xbox LIVE Indie Games, Microsoft XNA, C#

This started as a prototype covered on Daniel Frandsen's personal blog here.

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Freesound Credits:

Many of the sound effects found in All Your Creeps were made possible by the community at  Listed below are the sound clips used in the game:

drumroll by Heigh-hoo, id 19433
possiblelazer by aust_paul, id 30935
heavy.burst by alienbomb, id 39071
light switches by sanitysource, id 45416
bombexplosion by smcameron, id 51464
Blast by Benboncan, id 73005
Explosion2 by steveygos93, id 80401
Nuclear Alarm by IFartInUrGeneralDirection, id 82515
Space Shuttle Launch by cgeffex, id 93078
fdv_la_manif by FaireDesVagues, id 106399
marching boots by klankbeeld, id 110147
warfare_gunshots_machine_gun_burst_001, id 110622
verbyhit by metmass, id 117780
implosion_far by Klerrp, id 121941