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Red Button Bulletin 6 - THE WHITE BOARD ROOM.

It's been a couple weeks since our last bulletin. So to make up for that, we'll have pictures for the first time!

Recently the "company office" underwent a major revision, making it much more enjoyable to work in and usable.  Unfortunately, we really only have "after" pictures, but there's still plenty to see.  Here's a breakdown of what we did:


  • We replaced the old wall-attached desk with a new T-shaped desk.  It lets 2 people work at once, but the new desk at least doubled usable desktop space.
  • By removing the old desk, we moved the file cabinet from underneath to be able to put two full desktop towers underneath.
  • We ran a network cable to a switch underneath the desk, rather than using the previous wireless bridge.
  • And, arguably the most interesting, we covered every vertical surface possible in white board paint.


 Now, we have a great place to collaborate, visualize our ideas, and well...doodle!


This is a view of the desk, set up with two workstations, the main one on the left with 3 monitors.  Any vertical white surface you see is now white board - most of which have something written on them already.



The wall facing our backs has the biggest usable space, and that's where a lot fo the brainstorming tends to happen.  You can see some state diagrams, UI prototyping, and a few other random doodles.

Doodles can come from anything - even some brilliant WIP terms like "super stone."


We also put a cat door between the office and utility room - to keep the noise and smell out of the main room.

Here are the two desktops and a switch, out of the way and safely under the desk.

And of course, there are doodles all over from visiting friends. 


This is an awesome Christmas gift from a friend of the company.  Seems awful familiar...


One thing that you'll have to understand is that I'm a bit obsessed with BrodyQuest.  I'm fully aware of how ridiculous it is, but IT'S SO AWESOME.  It's also the first thing I soundcheck with whenever I set up audio equipment.  My wonderful fiance decided to surprise me by creating the full progress of BrodyQuest on the overhang in the office, complete with cutouts for Brody, his guitar, and the friends he picks up along the way.



Above is almost the entire drawing of OfficeQuest.


And there you have it!  A ton of pictures of where we work, with some details about Codename: Jenga snuck in there.

Thanks for reading!  If you have any comments or questions, or have suggestions for topics for future Red Button Bulletins, contact us either on FacebookTwitter, or email (info [at] redbuttongames [dot] com). Follow us on Twitter and Facebook as well!