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Mage Tower 0.1.4 "Wandering Monster" update released!



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This update brings in strange new creatures towards the tower - monsters and other races that have come to investigate the grand tower you’ve been building. NPCs will cautiously observe, or at least until you dignify their presence with a fireball or a conversation.

Be careful though - they hold grudges, too! If you kill an orc, the next orc to visit will likely hunt down your mages. Talk to them sweetly, and they’ll make polite conversation.

Many new systems have been added to support this interaction, but aside from wandering monsters, there’s an improved notification system, some UI revision, and plenty of bug fixes.

Same as the previous release, Mage Tower is available on Desura. The demo is fully featured, aside from being unable to load previously-saved levels. If pre-ordered on Desura, saved levels can be reloaded and will have access to all future updates for Mage Tower, at a discounted price.


0.1.4 Changes


  • Gameplay: Added wandering, attacking, and friendly behaviors for NPCs
  • Gameplay: Added talking behavior for mages
  • Gameplay: Added fireball and lightning spells
  • Gameplay: Added reactions to events for mages and NPCS
  • Gameplay: Added floating mages on 3rd level of Prestidigitation
  • UI: Added floor change button
  • UI: Added faction and NPC detail windows
  • UI: Added notification grouping
  • UI: Added notification jump-to-target
  • UI: Added attack notification
  • UI: Fixed various UI bugs
  • UI: Resized buttons to a reasonable size
  • UI: Added flow layout support
  • System: Added faction opinion changes based on interaction
  • System: Added target tracking for mages and NPCs
  • System: Added ability to damage mages and NPCs
  • System: Added effects that damage an area
  • System: Added unlockable action support
  • Backend: Fixed multiple save bugs
  • Backend: Added Linux support


Now that, go download or play the demo, and make sure to give us feedback! The game is available below through Desura.


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