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Red Button Bulletin 1 - Day One

This is the first of many posts, hopefully weekly, to let all our fans know about what we're doing.  We'll talk about what we were able to do this week and provide updates that might not fit into a press release, as well as review important news snippets from throughout the week.

Although Red Button Games has existed for a few years in various states, June 1st marks a milestone for us - our first (although non-paid) full-time employee.  It means iterating faster on game ideas, quicker turnaround, and more focus on our next project.  We're not ready to formally announce anything, but we want to give as much details to you, our fans.  So until we can formally announce anything, we'll be calling it Codename: Jenga.

Codename: Jenga will be developed in an "pre-order alpha/beta" approach, similar to Minecraft, Cortex Command, and plenty of other games.  Once we have something playable and fun, we'll release the alpha, and allow preorders, which will give people instant access to the current version of the game and all future versions.  We'll be using Unity, and we'll be targeting PC/Mac/web for the initial release.  We may expand to other platforms later, but for the discernable future, we'll be focusing on gameplay rather than platforms.

Next week we'll be addressing more specifics about Codename: Jenga.  If you have any specific questions, you can ask them on the Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail us at info [at] redbuttongames [dot] com.  You can also join our Facebook page or follow us on twitter to make sure you don't miss anything.

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