Mage Tower Alpha 0.1.2 released, available on Desura!
Tuesday, November 20, 2012 at 2:11PM
Daniel Frandsen in Mage Tower, game dev, release notes, video games

Mage Tower, Now Available on Desura! 

 Desura Digital Distribution

The biggest changes in this version are the additions of studying and desks. Mages will now spend their free time studying, which improves their knowledge. When tasks need to be done, they'll leave their desk and return when finished (if there are enough desks to go around, of course).

This release also marks the availability of Mage Tower on Desura. Loading saved games has now been disabled disabled in the demo, but it is available in the pre-order version from Desura. This means you can play the demo, and if you enjoy it, save your level, buy the game, and reload it later. Otherwise, the demo has all the features of the full game.

If you like the game, please support us by pre-ordering. You can buy it now at a much lower price than during its final release, and it helps us accellerate our development.


0.1.2 Changes

On that note, go download or play the demo, and make sure to give us feedback! The game is available below through Desura.

Desura Digital Distribution

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